How To Measure, Benchmark & Improve Your Warehouse Performance

Riyadh: 19th of October from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. at Crown Plaza Riyadh Minhal

In order to improve your warehouse performance, you need to be able to measure it. How to Measure, Benchmark and Improve your Warehouse Performance provides a list of the top KPIs used in warehousing and the means to measure them. It also offers you the chance to compare your performance indicators against international benchmarks in the same vertical and lists the solutions available to improve them. Finally you will be trained on setting up your own performance enhancement program and be given an overview of the different tools available in the market to assist you in succeeding in your task.

Join us along and acquire

Audience who has completed the course will:

  • Understand the different KPIs for warehousing
  • Be able to calculate KPIs for their own operation
  • Set-up a performance measurement and enhancement program
  • Provide detailed solutions to improve the overall warehouse performance

Charbel Azzi

Operational Lead

Charbel  has  more  than  4  years  of experience  in  the  Supply  Chain  field  and has  worked  on  some  of  the  largest  supply chain  implementation  projects  in  the  EMEA region  for  companies  such  as  Chalhoub Group,  Pan  Emirates,  Panalpina, Red Tag  as  well  as UTi in South Africa, among many others.

Charbel  speaks  English,  French,  and Arabic,  he  joined  SNS  as  a  Logistics Analyst  in  early  2010. Charbel is specialized in leading supply chain projects and implementations of SCE applications across the supply chain