pecialized in Supply Chain Management and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), ALOER was initially created in 2005, as a network of independent consultants. Managed since 2012 by its founder, Etienne Georges, the Consulting Company is growing fast and provides its services in more than six countries, from Dubai to Beirut, from Istanbul to Milan, including Romania and Qatar. It also works with its long-time customers in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, and obviously France where its purpose is to develop the Infor Blending ERP. The international consulting company has already made interventions on consulting and implementation of Supply Chain Management and ERP software, with clients in the pharmaceutical, mechanical, chemicals, food, and distribution sectors.

ALOER’s strengths are based on a rigorous organization and a responsible human management of the consultants. This ethical vision results in a recognized service quality. Some clients have been faithful to this responsive and efficient team since 2003, thus showing their renewed satisfaction. Reliability, adaptability, respect of the clients’ deadlines and constraints are essential to provide the best consulting possible. ALOER’s consultants endeavor to carry out a precise and detailed audit, with personalized strategic support. A project manager is assigned to each client project, which allows efficient communication, reactivity, and follow-up.

Located in Lyon (2 hours from Paris by train), ALOER offers extensive expertise in the areas of consulting and training, meeting the requirements in S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning), forecast, planning and management. In partnership with editors, the company offers its consulting and software integration skills, directly or by subcontracting for publishers. ALOER is also called upon to train publishers’ foreign partners, and has already provided training, for South Africa, Lebanon and Italy.

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