Events | February 24, 2020

Warehousing Best Practices Course in Dubai

On the 24th, 25th and 26th of February at Intercontinental Dubai Festival City

Warehousing Best Practices Course in Dubai

The warehouse is the cornerstone of the supply chain. It ensures the flow of goods from suppliers to end customers, and guarantees the availability of stock to meet demand. Traditionally viewed as storage of goods for profit, warehousing has evolved over the years and modern warehouses now fulfill multiple roles within the overall supply chain. Warehousing Best Practices provides a detailed overview of the field of warehousing from design and racking structure to material handling equipment. The course also reviews in detail the different operations performed inside the warehouse.

What You Will Learn

Those who complete the course will:
  • Have extensive knowledge of the world of warehousing
  • Be familiar with most of the terminologies used in warehousing
  • Be able to determine which material handling equipment (MHE) best fits the
  • operations of their own warehouses Be able to introduce new services to be offered by the warehouse
  • Be able to evaluate and restructure the operations in the warehouse

Who Should Attend

This course is tailored for personnel with moderate knowledge of warehousing who are required to deal with the logistics of warehousing in their job specifications. The information contained in the course is hugely beneficial to warehouse operations managers, supervisors and IT departments involved in the implementation of warehouse management solutions.

About The Trainer

Charbel Azzi
Charbel Azzi | SC Solution Expert
Charbel has more than 12 years' of experience in the supply chain field and has been involved in most complex Implementation projects in Europe, US, Middle East, Singapore and GCC
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  • Consulted and led a best of breed Warehouse Management System implementation for one of the largest 3PLs company in South Africa.
  • Led the implementation of a warehouse management system  for one of the largest retail, fashion and cosmetics holding group across multiple warehouses for their GCC supply chain.
  • Led the implementation of a warehouse management solution integrated with an ERP with real time update for one very large fashion retailers in the GCC
  • Worked on multiple projects involving the integration of a WMS system with various ERP packages such as SAP, Oracle, JDEdwards, Baan
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