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Operational Specialist

Full Time
The Operational Specialist is responsible for providing functional and technical support to project managers and clients in the identification of requirements and the delivery of configured and test supply chain solutions. Responsibilities include working on-site with clients from initial project stages through system installation and conversion. 
Operational Specialists have significant roles in the areas of analysis, data gathering, client support, technical innovation and software testing and training. 
Given their experience in the field, the operational specialists may also be requested to participate in consultancy and design projects. 

Main Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering or related field. 
  • Minimum two to four years of experience
  • Very high ethics and strong values. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English. 
  • Ability to travel up to 50% yearly.
Main Duties:
  • Document functional and non-functional requirements based on interactions with customers. 
  • Create functional designs and prototypes based on analysis of requirements. 
  • Write detailed functional specifications following the SNS standards. 
  • Review and test completed modifications for functional accuracy. 
  • Provide training to customers. 
  • Estimate/plan activities and efforts associated with the functional requirements. 
  • Perform data loading/configuration tasks. 
  • Lead or Participate in information gathering and business review sessions with customers to understand overall project goals. 
  • Assist Support Analysts with issue resolution. 
  • May be required to generate additional services by proposing out-of-the box solutions and by establishing close communication channels with existing customers. 
  • May participate in sales presentations and demonstrations. 
  • Write user manuals and configuration documents. 
  • Write bi-weekly status reports 
  • Maintain and update project plan with the help of the project manager 
  • Participate on consultancy projects along with a senior consultant
  • Assist in collecting information
  • Assist in documenting consultancy report and presentations
  • Participate on warehouse design projects
  • Assist in collecting information
  • Assist in documenting design report and presentations 
  • Assist in design drawing (follow-up on CAD specialist)
  • Deliver internal trainings to new SNS resources 
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Technical Consultant

Full Time
The technical consultant is responsible for developing software modifications and interfaces. As well as conducting unit testing, the technical consultant also performs onsite installation and implementation activities. 
The Technical Consultant reports directly to the Technical Manager or Customer Support Manager. 

Main requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Engineering or related field. 
  • From zero to two years of experience
  • Flunet in Arabic and English, French is a plus
  • Knowledge of Java, C++, .Net and SQL (Oracle or SQL Server) in a UNIX or Windows environment. 
  • Knowledge of UNIX or Windows operating systems. 
  • Experience in software solutions and life cycle. 
  • Knowledge of Supply Chain Systems such WMS or TMS is a major plus. 
Main Duties:
  • Develop, test and debug system customizations using various software platforms including Java, C++ or .Net and using the Oracle or Microsoft SQL relational databases to match any changes required by the customer. 
  • Understand the design specification and timeline estimates for assignments and consult the Project Manager to resolve any perceived discrepancies. 
  • Follow test control procedures as developed by the Project Manager or Senior Technical Consultant. 
  • Perform implementation activities, as directed by the Senior Technical Consultant or Project Manager. 
  • Learn the customers’ business in order to provide functional and operational expertise. 
  • Recommend software configuration or modifications to simplify and reduce operating time and costs. 
  • Provide software development estimates for client requested modifications or software fixes. 
  • Provide customer with support services as directed by the Customer Support Manager. 
  • Resolve technical problems reported on the software by customers or QA team and develop necessary system patches. 
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