Fundamentals of Demand Planning

Jeddah: 10th and 11th of April at Crown Plaza Jeddah

Understanding the forecasting processes and achieving accuracy are a necessity for any executive involved in the demand management process. Fundamentals of Demand Planning is a detailed overview of the principles of demand management, forecasting, and the relationship between forecasting and planning. The course demonstrates how effective demand management contributes to increased sales revenues and describes in detail the different models and techniques that can be used to achieve proper forecasts.

Join us along and acquire

Audience who has completed the course will:

  • Have a fundamental understanding of demand management
  • Have a fundamental understanding of the forecasting process
  • Perceive the significance of the various statistical models and techniques used to prepare accurate demand forecasts
  • Be able to apply simple tools and methods to produce more accurate and reliable demand plans
  • Be able to increase communication and integration of planning teams

Who Should Attend

This course is directed to personnel with average or no knowledge of inventory management and demand forecasting techniques. It is designed for those individuals involved in optimizing their organizations’ stock levels to meet customer requirements and minimize inventory costs. The information presented proved very beneficial to Supply Chain Managers, Procurement and Purchasing Managers, Inventory Managers, Sales & Marketing Managers, Planning Managers and other personnel involved in these activities.

Course Fees

$800 p.p.

Wael Mabsout

Senior Manager

Graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Bachelor in Computer and Communication Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Management and after a short experience in software development and quality management consulting, Wael Mabsout first joined SNS as an operational consultant. Wael has been involved in the implementation of many Supply Chain Management applications across the Middle-East as well as in Latin America with multinationals such as P&G, Nestle, Mabe, Honda and others. Wael has also led many consultancy and design projects for customers such as Riyadh Military Hospital, Arrow Food and Agility Logistics. Wael is also involved in the development of a variety of training material for logistics courses.