Fundamentals of Demand Planning and Overview on DP

Italy: 18th, 19th and 20th of May

Inventory can be one of the most expensive assets of an organization and may account for more than 10% of the total revenues or 20% of the total assets. This course provides its attendees with an overview of the different techniques used to generate demand forecasts from sales history and the means to apply these forecasts to minimize inventory investments while increasing customer satisfaction. In a modern, lean supply chain, accurate forecasts are critical to achieving supply chain success. Today, there is greater realization for the value and need for competency in managing demand. Understanding of the forecasting process and requirements for an accurate forecast are a necessity for any executive involved in the demand forecasting process. This course will highlight in detail the principles of demand management, forecasting, and the relationship between forecasting and planning. The course demonstrates how effective demand management contributes to sales revenue growth and also describes in detail the models and techniques that can be followed to ensure an accurate forecast and a sustainable outcome.

Join us along and acquire

  • Have a fundamental understanding of demand management
  • Have a fundamental understanding of the forecasting process
  • Perceive the significance of the various statistical models and techniques used to prepare accurate demand forecasts
  • Be able to apply simple tools and methods to produce more accurate and reliable demand plans
  • Be able to increase communication and integration of planning teams

Who Should Attend

This course is directed to executives with responsibilities in the manufacturing, retail, distribution and services industries. That includes Demand Planning/Management, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics & Operations, Sales & Marketing, Supply Planning/Management, Manufacturing as well as Scheduling & Planning.

Course Fees

$1000 p.p.

Emile Bassil

Manager Consulting Practice

After a Bachelor in Computer Science from Notre Dame University in Lebanon, Emile has had more than 12 years of experience in the Supply Chain and IT solutions fields. After spending a number of years abroad, Emile joined SNS in 2010 as Technical Manager and soon moved on to a Senior Consultant role. He has led and contributed to dozens of supply chain projects in Australia and the Middle East including network designs, supply chain audits, warehouse designs, route optimization and fleet configurations, warehouse management systems implementation as well as workforce forecasting and optimization. Emile's experience with leading companies includes such references as: GE Lighting, Reece, Woolworths, Metcash, Ezibuy, Panda, AMCO, Alghanim, Ali Bin Ali, Halwani Brothers, and Tamer.