Warehousing for E-Commerce Training

Jeddah: 5th of November at Crown Plaza Jeddah

The rise of online shopping is quickly reshaping companies’ supply chain operations. Warehouses are particularly impacted as they strive to fulfill not just the demands of traditional businesses but also cater for the increased volume of small size orders, the ever-reducing order cycle times and the surge of returns. To handle these new challenges, companies must understand the real implications of such requirements on all aspects of their operations: infrastructure, product flows, technologies of data collection, labor and software solutions. This course aims at taking you through the different solutions that can be implemented to maintain your competitive edges and guarantee the satisfaction of a more demanding clientele.

Join us along and acquire

Audience who has completed the course will:

  • Learn about the impacts of E-commerce on warehouse operations and the challenges it creates
  • Have a clear understanding of the E-commerce order cycle
  • Be able to determine which storage solutions and manhandling equipment (MHE) best fit the operations of E-commerce warehouses
  • Be able to select the right software and technologies to improve their product flows and customer satisfaction
  • Learn how the leading companies are doing it

Who Should Attend

This course is directed to people facing changes in their current operations due to the rise of E-commerce. The information presented proved very beneficial to Supply Chain Managers, Logistics Managers, Warehouse Operations Managers, Supervisors as well as for the IT team of the companies involved in Omni-channel warehouses.

Course Fees

$600 p.p.

Malek Safa

Project Manager

Malek has more than 8 years of experience in the Supply Chain field and has worked on some of the largest supply chain projects in the Middle East for companies such as Transmed, Greenhouse, Richemont, Azadea, Deal, UWC, and many others. He joined SNS as a Operational Lead in 2017. As a Project Manager now, Malek is specialized in leading supply chain projects and implementations of SCE applications across the supply chain.

Malek's work involves:

  • Analyzing and gathering sales and inventory files to determine building space requirements and positioning of products.
  • Analyzing the client's operating environment involving product variety, movement, inventory levels, storage cube, operating costs, truck fleet and delivery operations.
  • Developing written and detailed SOP documents for warehouse activities including and not limited to Receiving, Quality Control, Put-away, Picking, and Loading.
  • Implementation of new practices or processes in a distribution center or supply chain.
  • Leading different Supply Chain Execution software such as Warehouse Management Systems, Fleet Management Systems and Demand Forecasting and Planning applications
  • Consulted and led a best of breed Warehouse Management System implementation for one of the largest 3PLs company in UAE
  • Led the upgrade implementation of a warehouse management system  for one of the largest regional logistics companies in the GCC
  • Led the implementation of a warehouse management solution integrated with an ERP with real time update for one very large warehouse in the GCC.