Warehousing Safety & Security in Arabic

Riyadh: 10th of June from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. at Crown Plaza Riyadh Minhall

Warehouses as an industrial facility evoke the image of a simple operation moving materials around with forklifts, powered hand jacks, conveyors or by hand. As a result, when safety or security fails, warehouse losses can be tremendous varying from liability on stock and penalties to law suits by injured employees and even facility shut-down and business closures. The Warehousing Safety and Security covers in detail the different aspects and requirements of safety and security in the warehouse. It will provide its attendees with a high understanding of the laws and best practices of safety and security to meet world-wide standards.

Join us along and acquire

  • Be able to understand and properly evaluate the risk and hazards associated with their facility and business
  • Assess the current levels of safety and security in your warehouse
  • Implement proper safety and security measures to meet international standards

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Logistics Managers, Warehouse Managers, DC Supervisors, Inventory Controllers and HR personnel responsible for the Safety and Security of Labor, Equipment and Goods.

Course Fees

USD 600

Bernard Khazzaka

Technical Manager

After a bachelor and masters in Management Information System from the Lebanese University and Sagesse University, Bernard started his career as an Analyst Programmer at InfoPlus and moved on to be a position of Senior Analyst Programmer at Equatech. Bernard joined SNS in 2007 as the manager of the Customer Support Team. In his years at SNS, Bernard has been in charge of building this new entity in SNS and has also led many technical implementations and integration projects at leading companies such as DHL, Holdal (l’Oreal), Barwil (Samsung), Ducab, Transmart, Barlowrold (Nike) and Nestlé. Bernard was promoted to Technical Manager in 2011 and is now in charge of the full technical team of SNS.