ALOER and SNS Sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement

Jan 20, 2015

Lyon, 3 December 2014 – Aloer and SNS announced today the signature of a partnership agreement to keep up with the increasing demand of their customer for improvement... read more

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Infor wms to secure good freshness

Infor WMS to Secure Good Freshness at Arla Warehouses in Riyadh

Apr 07, 2015

Riyadh, March 2015 – SNS, the leading provider of supply chain consultancies and solutions in the Gulf and Middle-East, is proud to announce the signing of Infor... read more

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Cern nuclear research selects sns

CERN The World’s Largest Nuclear Research Organization Selects SNS and ALOER for a Supply Chain Consultancy

Jun 16, 2015

Geneva, June 2015 – SNS and ALOER, leading providers of supply chain consultancies and solutions, are proud to announce the completion of a Supply Chain Assessment study... read more

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