fr Beirut, Sep 2010 – After the success of last year’s event, SNS is organizing its second Annual Supply Chain Conference for the Middle-East entitled Every Cent Counts: Perfect your Warehouse at the Habtoor Grand Hotel in Sin El Fil, Lebanon on November the 4th, 2010.

This year’s conference will be focused on the warehouse as a key element in the supply chain and will feature various speakers discussing the latest trends in warehousing design, racking systems, equipment, automation and software. The discussions will be based on previous experiences in the local market as well as innovations in the other parts of the world; the aim of all presentations is to maximize the benefit from all investments placed in warehousing.

The SNS Conference is also an event that brings together senior management of major players from various verticals in the market allowing attendees to share experiences and benchmark performances during scheduled breaks. Any company owning or operating one or more warehouses will highly benefit from this one day public conference that offers an insight into best practices in the field.

“We have noticed that many companies in the market are seeking the optimization of the warehousing infrastructure and operations,” said Mario Ghosn, General Manager of SNS. “This is why we have decided to focus the topic of this year’s event on it. We are hoping that this year’s turn out will be even higher than that of last year which exceeded the hundred attendees from across the region.”

SNS’ Second Supply Chain Conference Tackles the Importance of the Warehouse