Premium Support Plan

Go for our Premium Support Plan and you will receive all the benefits of the Standard Support Plan with extra features such as 24x7 critical incident coverage, complimentary system assistance and more.

Support Plan Features Listing

Access to Senior Level Support

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Online Support Portal

The SNS Support Portal is available to you 24x7 to log incidents with instant notifications to the support person assigned as well as updates on expected response time and alert on availability of solution.

Installation de Systèmes Gratuite

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Technical Support Representative

As part of our standard support, an SNS technical resource - with detailed knowledge of your systems infrastructure, setup, and software customizations - is assigned to your account. This ensures a smooth communication with our support team and a fast resolution of your incidents.

Unlimited Incidents

You are not limited to a certain number of incidents, you may log on our support desk portal; all issues logged will be reviewed and resolved.

24x7 Critical Incident Support

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Personnel Recruitment Assistance

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Automated Escalation and Notification

To ensure that incidents are resolved within the predefined time frame, our support desk solution will automatically notify various levels of SNS management based on a structured escalation procedure.
In addition, critical incidents are forwarded to senior management from the beginning to ensure immediate action is taken.

Complimentary System Assistance

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Free Days of Development

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Customer Advocate Representative

A Customer Advocate representative with in depth knowledge of the application will conduct regular review meetings with you; propose enhancements to your operations as well as follow-up on the resolution of the different incidents logged by your team.

Phone Support Access

During your working hours, you have direct phone access to our support team in order to follow-up on priority incidents resolution or inquire about a problem.

Online Support Reports

Our portal provides you with access to online management and KPIs reports enabling you to assess the quality of our support and compare it to defined metrics and measures. Such reports and KPIs include:

  • Average response time
  • Average resolution time
  • Number of issues posted by type over a period of time