Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our Warehouse Management System is a proven, advanced software solution for manufacturing, distribution, retail enterprises and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) operating a warehouse. It is a solution that enables you to control and monitor all the activities in your warehouse as well as organize work and align resources and labor to satisfy customer requirements. This application will ensure the highest inventory accuracy, optimal fulfillment and distribution processes as well as guarantee that your customer orders are delivered on time and in full, each and every time.

Expected Benefits

  • Reduce inventory 5 to 20%
  • Increase labor productivity 15 to 40%
  • Improve Shipping Accuracy 2 to 5%
  • Increase inventory Accuracy 99+% at location level
  • Boost perfect order rates
  • Reduce direct operating costs and increase overall revenue.

Main Features

  • Receiving - flexibility and accuracy
  • Storage (putaway) - configurability
  • Wave Planning - control
  • Picking - accuracy and timeliness
  • Packing - choice
  • Shipping - control and flexibility
  • Inventory Control and Cycle Counting - accuracy
  • Paper and RF Support - flexibility
  • Voice-directed Picking - safety and accuracy
  • Advanced Kitting - value-added services
  • Task Management - process optimization
  • Cross-docking - velocity
  • Labor Scheduling and Monitoring - productivity
  • Performance Management - KPIs
  • Activity-based Billing and Costing - profitability

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