All about Warehouse Racking and MHE

The warehouse is the corner stone of the supply chain operation. It ensures the proper flow of goods from suppliers to end customers and guarantees the availability of stock to satisfy demand. In order to properly manage their operations, warehouses must be equipped with appropriate storage and racking systems in addition to the right MHE required to move the goods in and out of the warehouse.

This course offers a complete overview of the different available racking systems and material handling equipment (MHE), reviews in details their characteristics and their applicability to different operations. Attendees will also receive an introduction to warehouse design concepts.

Course Structure

  • The course duration is 1 full day.
  • The course is presented in the form of a power point presentation.
  • The course includes a Q&A session and some evaluation quizzes.

Who should take it

This course is directed to Supply Chain Managers, Warehouse Managers, Operations Managers, architects, as well as anyone involved in the design, selection or procurement of warehousing systems.


Audience who has completed the course will:

  • Have necessary knowledge of different types of racking systems.
  • Have necessary knowledge of different types of MHE.
  • Understand the applicability of storage systems and MHE to the various operations.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each system and be able to make the right selections.
  • Be able to estimate the cost of furnishing or revamping a warehouse.