Warehousing Best Practices Training in Qatar

On March 2, 3 and 4, 2015 at Millennium Hotel Doha, Qatar

The warehouse is the corner stone of the supply chain operation. It ensures the proper flow of goods from suppliers to end customers and guarantees the availability of stock to satisfy demand. Traditionally considered as the storage of goods for profit, warehousing has evolved over the years in a way that modern warehouses now fulfill multiple roles within the overall supply chain.  Warehousing Best Practices is a detailed overview of the field of warehousing in terms of design, racking structure and manhandling equipment. The course also reviews in detail the different operations performed inside the warehouse.

Join us along and acquire

  • Extensive knowledge of the world of warehousing
  • Be familiar with most of the terminologies used in warehousing
  • Be able to determine which manhandling equipment (MHE) best fit the operations of their own warehouses
  • Be able to introduce new services to be offered by the warehouse
  • Be able to evaluate and restructure the operations in the warehouse

Who Should Attend

This course is directed to personnel with minimal to average knowledge of warehousing and yet are required in their job specifications to deal with the logistics of warehousing. The information presented proved very beneficial to Warehouse Operations Managers, Supervisors as well as for the IT team of the company involved in the implementation of Warehouse Management Solutions

Course Fees

USD 1,000

Nadim Klat

Senior Manager

Graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Bachelor in Computer and Communication Engineering Nadim first joined SNS as an Operational Consultant. During his time with SNS Nadim has been involved in and directly managed the implementations of Supply Chain Management systems throughout the Middle East, Europe and Africa with market leaders in their business such as Agility Logistics, DHL/Danzas, Supreme Food Services, Airlink, Schneider Electric, Ali bin Ali and many others. As a Senior Logistics Consultant and Project manager, Nadim has also taken the lead on many warehouse design and supply chain consultancy studies.