Event Management System

Our Event Management Solution provides you with the ability to automatically detect exceptions and violations of your defined business rules and communicate them via e-mail or SMS to the appropriate members in your organization. With its user friendly web interface, this software allows different parties to collaborate in order to resolve such exceptions and escalates non-handled ones to higher management.

Expected Benefits

  • Reducing the number of last-minute “fire drills” caused by a faulty alert system
  • Improving your ability to detect the root causes of problems
  • Increasing your teamwork, collaboration, and employee effectiveness
  • Improving your problem resolution across organizations
  • Increasing your agility and responsiveness to business risks

Main Features

  • Detecting exceptions
  • Notifying key/related persons and assigning tasks
  • Tracking/monitoring exception resolutions
  • Means of escalations
  • Automatic closing of resolved issues
  • Generate reports and KPIs

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